Pleated Mosquito Nets

Best suited fitment at places where you need the option of making the fitment disappear! Pleated fitment option is an elegant and aesthetic model that will aid the interiors. The sliding pleated mesh could be opened and it rests in a 2 inch aluminum frame that it almost disappears. You could close the mesh only when you need mosquito protection and when closed it still allows the breeze to flow in and light to shine into the room without any obstruction.

Roller System

Mosquito Mesh Services insect screens are a must in all homes, offices and other locations. Insect Defence offers a wide range of secure, reliable and functional made-to-measure insect screens in Delhi, NCR Gurgaon and across India. The mosquito mesh used in Roller Mesh System is made of FIBERGLASS imported from USA. has India's largest selection of Insect Screen protection meshes and system. Mosquito Mesh is a fine screening mesh, with a fine mesh structure offering effective protection from the smallest of insects and debris. The mesh provides excellent light transmission and allows good air-flow. The fine screening mesh is rigid, so that it can be installed in panels and used as insect netting in both temporary and permanent.

Sleek Mosquito Frames

Slimline Aluminum sleek mosquito frames fits on the surface of the existing window frame can be hinged or held in place by turn buttons with mid bar, which are screwed to the window frame and rotate into position across the face of the screen frame. Each frame requires two hinges to fix Hinge assembly consists of two parts, held together with a central pin, which allows for quick removal. The hinges are attached to one side of the screen frame, and one part is fixed to the mosquito net for windows. To hold the screen upright turn buttons are fixed to a particular window frame such as mosquito mesh for windows on the opposite side to hold the screen in the closed position.

UPVC Mosquito Mesh Window

UPVC Mosquito Mesh Window Screens are a simple and effective insect screens that roll into an attractive, sleek housing when not in use.UPVC Mosquito Mesh Window Screens are a simple and effective insect screens that roll into an attractive, sleek housing when not in use. These window screens act as a barrier against mosquitoes, flies and other tiny insects and at the same time render style and look to the space. They also go by the names-zipper screens, insect roller screens or mosquito roller screen. Zip Roller insect screening system is designed to meet the highest standard to hold the screens into the sidetrack profiles and making it possible to seal against mosquitoes and insects with unique mesh retention system ensures wind resistance and effortless operation side rail insert that allows the screen to flex under wind pressure, but keeps the screen intact It will keep your screens in the rails at any position, fully closed, fully open or any position.

Rolling Mesh

Rolling Mesh Operated Roller Mosquito screen. As simple as operating blinds without any hassle of spring action and retracting force while operating These roller insect screening systems are designed to handle with elders and kids with effortlessly rolled up and down with ball chain ideally suited for windows and installed in recess mounting or surface mounting of your existing frames with quality fiberglass mosquito screens to last long and easy to clean the netting. You can stop the screening at your desired position the best solutions for their window screening needs Our retractable fly screen is conveniently stored in a Housing that prevents the mosquito nets from being damaged when not in use.

NETS can be replaced many times without the need of new framework

Magnetic Mosquito Net

Magnetic Mosquito window screens are innovative magnetic screen doors which stick to the window. Magnetic window screens employ the attraction force between the magnets to get the much-needed sticking effect.They are the latest mosquito nets utilized as sleek window and door nets employing the magnetic principle. They are also known as magnetic door curtains or simply as magnetic insect screens.

Magnetic Mosquito window screens simply stick to your window, thanks to the excellent holding capacity of magnets that attract each other and allow flexibility to open and close windows or magnetic screen doors with ease. No more gaps between magnetic insect nets and window frames for entry of mosquitoes and flies. Magnetic Screening can be installed on any surface such as wood, aluminum, steel, uPVC without altering your existing frames.

Aluminium Mesh Door

We import Fiberglass Mosquito nets euro from leading suppliers.The quality of products which had matched international standards and passed Environmental protection test by Europe. Fiberglass mosquito nets screens (18x 16) widely used for mosquito protection can be used in different systems. These mosquito net for windows are flexible window screens which come in a variety of types. This mosquito mesh for windows is imported mosquito nets from leading suppliers. We ensure international standards along with a passing certificate from environmental protection test in Europe before employing for use. They can be made up of fiberglass, stainless steel or polyester yarn (pet mosquito nets euro).They also go by the name mosquito window mesh. Now, let us see the mosquito net euro features:

Sleek Mosquito Frames

The mosquito net doors come in different series in order to offer customized door screens for varied requirements. They come in the single door, double door and Bi-fold door variety and are suitable for balconies, kitchens, and main doors.

These types of Mosquito Net Doors are also known by the names-magnetic screen door, mosquito net for doors or mosquito door screens and its look like an invisible mosquito net.

We have three series of Mosquito Net Doors depending on the costumer’s requirements. Our mosquito net doors are both robust and aesthetically pleasing. They offer durable, effective protection against insects and flies. The Mosquito Net doors frames have mitered corners with a strong kick plate to prevent damage while using with support central mid-bars in the hinged version. Strong magnetic catches and handles on both sides to operate fits on the flat face of the surrounding frame.

Mosquito Nets can be replaced many times without the need for a new framework.They can be cleaned as and when required. You can enjoy the fresh air coming into your home and rest assured.

Sliding Mosquito Screens

Sliding Mosquito nets are essentially aluminum sliding windows with a mosquito net. These are retractable screens which can be employed as mosquito screen doors in order to prevent insects from entering the house or office.These are also called as rolling mosquito net or sliding mosquito net for windows or simply as mosquito net screens. Such sliding mosquito doors are not only easy to use but also bestow a sophisticated look to your interiors.

Sliding Mosquito nets for doors and windows Sturdy framed powder coated protection from pests and sun control, Sliding screens such as sliding window screens, sliding door screens are ideal for French doors and large openings. Space saving allows you to use the free space for other purposes. Track profiles guide the smooth operation. Sliding fly screens can accommodate two, three, four or more panel meshes that can be replaced many times without the need for a new framework. Usually, sliding door & window screens can be cleaned as and when required.

Mosquito Mesh with Safety Grill Door

Mosquito Mesh with Safety Grill Door provide a transparent screen to doors and windows. They are high-quality products that help to protect your family from mosquitoes and other insects. At the same time, they offer you an unobtrusive view of the outdoors.

Mosquito Mesh with Safety Grill Door are world class quality products that help to protect your family from mosquitoes and other insect entering your home and providing unobtrusive views of the outdoors Security Screen Doors are designed to meet your requirements and easily fixed to your Existing doors and windows available in a wide variety of models including bi-folds, hinged, Double doors, and stacking doors. High-Quality Stainless steel woven mesh 304 grade Black coated Provides Good Outward Visibility and offers extra-strong barriers against damages securing your home from Mosquitoes and Pets without darkening the room and yet easy to clean

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